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Welcome to Videoland Express: We Talk Movies!
Celebrating over 24 years Live on the Air based in NYC.

Update: April 14, 2014
A new site is coming in May-June
A new look and easier interface will replace this one
with easy access to all links.

I added the new show dates for MNN
starting in June on the Live Streaming page.

Our Blog Page will keep you posted on updates
about this site as we are working on the new one
in time for May and Summer Blast.


This is a sample on how the new site will look.
It will have the same format in its style.
This is my temporary music site which is still under construction.

These are now our 2 main pages on Google Plus which now have direct names instead of all those sequence of numbers. Something Google is finally correcting.


Our Blogger Page is now linked to our Google Plus pages.
Daily announcements, articles and links related to the show will be posted here.
This also includes direct links to our Blog Talk Radio Show Widgets.

The Godzilla Community Page. This is where fans can post artwork, collectibles and all things Godzilla and Friends in the Kaiju world.

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